What is Self-Defence?

Oxford Dictionaries

The defence of one’s person or interests, especially through the use of physical force, which is permitted in certain cases as an answer to a charge of violent crime

Cambridge Dictionaries

Protection of yourself, either by fighting or discussion. The skill of fighting without weapons to protect yourself.

According to the Hungarian Dictionary

(mass noun) A form of defence of one’s self and rights in case of an attack.

The KM5 Self-Defence School applies the concept as a whole thus creating the idea of the Full Self Defense.

KM5 basic principles, Full Self-Defense km5_ikon_teljes_onvedelem

Consciousness and conscious behaviour to recognize, prevent and avoid physical and mental injuries and lessening their negative effects. All that can enable an approach that becomes a part of everyday life. Paranoia and distress itself derive from the lack of consciousness, information and abilities. If you are physically and mentally aware, you already made an important step towards a better and healthier future.

We distinguish between 5 areas of self defence. The concept does not only refer to defending one’s own personal integrity but also to the concept in terms of law, legal self defence. In this way preventing an illegal attack against one’s self or personal property or against others can mean a part of it.

The 5 areas of Full Self-Defence

Physical self-defence km5_ikon_onvedelem

It is more complex than one might think. It includes preparation, recognizing the problem and all after these phases, solving the problem. Essentially, you can protect yourself from your attackers in 360 degrees. It has to be mentioned that you do not need to defeat your attacker but find a chance to escape with the least number of injuries.

 Verbal self defence km5_ikon_verbalis

Physical attacks are usually preceded by verbal or nonverbal communication. If we communicate appropriately and counter provocation we can avoid actual contact. It is useful to prepare yourself for these situations to be able to solve the situation with the proper reaction and avoid injuries.

Health protection km5_ikon_eu

We often disregard the importance of our body albeit it is the main area of our own defence. There are a number of aspects of protecting our health from a healthy diet to physical exercises for a good condition.

Protecting our loved ones , and personal properties km5_ikon_szeretteink km5_ikon_otthon

For many of us it is more important to protect our loved ones than ourselves. Obviously, the attacks against our personal properties are devastating as well. In case of protecting our families and properties we should follow the same principles as mentioned before. We can help to protect others but protecting our personal properties is often our own responsibility.

Why Krav Maga is the best Self-Defence system?

Krav Maga is a self-defence system that is suitable for solving real situations where violence may occur, it is based on instinctive movements and reactions, it uses techniques that are easily acquired by anyone.

The 2*5 reasons for this:

  1. Simple: on a basic level with two trainings a week it is quickly acquired by anyone, it is based on instinctive movements.
  2. It is for anyone: it can be learnt regardless your gender, age, physical condition, and your previous experiences.
  3. It does not depend on the situation: it is effective against a bigger attacker or more attackers or against armed ones.
  4. To the point: no competition, no patterns, no uniform –the equipment is minimal
  5. It focuses on defence: the aim is to avoid injuries, to gain time, escaping from the place


  1. It is based on surprise: the importance of surprise, defence happening simultaneously with the attack, immediately finding the weak spots of the opponent.
  2. Automatic: the techniques are put into practice by instinct avoiding the possible shock.
  3. Real: it is quite a new system thus it can actually deal with real situations and modern guns.
  4. Creative: it uses everyday objects (umbrella, backpack or a plastic bottle, etc.) for defence, it lets you use your creativity to the maximum.
  5. It has positive consequences: exercise, strengthening your physical condition, mental development, ameliorating your problem solving skills, developing self-confidence

About the KM5 Self-Defense School 

In our opinion, Self Defence must be regarded with a unifying, integrative aspect, that is why we chose the name”school”. Most importantly, we want to provide you with the most effective knowledge and information possible that can be useful for you in everyday situations and in special circumstances as well. We consider Krav Maga (KM) the best system to represent self-defence as a whole. We want to prepare you for facing everyday challenges in 5 areas. The unity of these 5 areas represents the main areas of our lives and self defence.

It is of key importance for us to provide our students with plain and useful information simultaneously. Our priority is prevention. We put a great emphasis on following the personal development of our students.  The members of our community are connected not only through the love of Krav maga but also friendships, common interest and similar aspects towards self-defence.


The elements of Martial arts, combat sports, Fitness tends that can be integrated into KM are parts of the curriculum during the KM trainings. The techniques are divided in a way to be easily acquired. All the groups train with different training plans in which the beginners do their personalised exercises.

KM trainings are variegated, in some cases we put a greater emphasis on strengthening exercises, in other cases techniques or developing different abilities. You get used to pressure gradually, you regularly get a review about your performance. We focus on applicability. Self defence trainings happen in a friendly environment which is quite different from the style and methodology of other teachers.

The 2*5 service package of KM5 Self-Defence School

  1.  Kottek Erik has legal permits and qualifications, he regularly takes part in vocational trainings, he has been responsible for KM tests for years.
  2. Customer service and information, providing you with protecting equipment
  3. Special attention from the teacher due to the limited number of students
  4. Friendly atmosphere, variegated trainings which provide you with a gradual pressure, professional trainings.
  5. An adequate warm up and stretching with various elements supervised by a physiotherapist


  1. A modern,  neat gym with an up-to-date air conditioning and heating system with great capacity
  2. An adequate number of people according to the gym’s capacity
  3. Enough equipment in a good condition
  4. The timetable of the lessons and the groups are unvarying
  5. Regular thematic seminars. If you wish to take an exam, we provide you with preparation accordingly in small groups


 Kottek Erik (the lead trainer in KM5 Self Defence School)

Self-defence trainer, Expert 2 level Krav Maga trainer

Erik has been teaching self-defence for 10 years, he also deals with holding trainings and seminars. He has been into martial arts and combat sports since childhood. He holds trainings for professionals, security employees and young people. He was in various tv and radio programs about self-defence. He is an examiner at the KM Organization’s central exams. He is the author of many professional articles in the field.

Erik’s portrait in KMG Official Newsletter 

Erik in numbers

  • More than 10 years of KM
  • Level: Expert II
  • Instructor: Tal Kvores, Expert IV
  • Instructor qualification: more than 7 years
  • Trainer qualification: more than 210 days
  • Training with Eyal Yanilov, the founder of Krav Maga: more than 60 days
  • Prepared students for exams: more than 35 days
  • Being an examiner: more than 15 days
  • Seminars: Introduction to Krav Maga, ground combat, women’s self-defence  trainings, self-defence on buses, at night, in a disco, against armed attackers, strengthening trainings, fighting, outside

Szoke Tibor

Sport teacher (G3 Level) qualified policeman, qualified criminal investigator, his field is the criminology of violent crimes. He has worked on many cases during his career like shoplifting, robbing, and homicide. He has dealt with initial investigation (interviewing, premises search, etc) of different crimes (robbing, blackmailing, etc) and also has  led the crime scene investigation of property crimes (robbing, stealing, etc). He is the author of many professional articles.  (amennyiben még mindig dolgozik rendőrként is)

 Rita Beni

Originally a sociologist-economist, she used to work in Administration, for multinational companies and limited companies with key accounts. Now our students mean the ‘key customer’ for her who are part of our community. Her ultimate dream is to facilitate more and more people’s lives with the help of Krav Maga and to have a positive effect in their everyday lives. You can contact me via email or phone. Tel: 20/983-54-58 (Monday to Friday 9:00am-5:00pm), Email: rita@kravmagaedzes.hu

Sport events

It is the third year since we organised the first charity training with our friend Mári Tamás (ketlebelledzes.hu) in late November.  It is the second year since the event took place in Zrínyi Miklós Laktanya és Egyetemi Campus (Zrínyi Miklós Barracks and University). Our KM students together with the kettlebell students collected 1 790 000HUF for charity purposes. Our member Hannig Zsolt was a great help in organising the event.

2013 – Magic Lamp Foundation

Making wishes come true began in January 2014 with the amount of             670 000HUF.  From this amount we support the subsistence of the Foundation as well.

2012 -Bethesda Children’s Hospital – Burn care

A closet with a special material (wall to wall) and corridor decoration with paintings, 660 000 HUF.

2011 – Heim Pál Children’s Hospital -Sleep center

Infrared night vision camera system, 460 000HUF.

 Prices & classes for foreigners:

1 month fee in 1 class: 15 000 Ft.

You can join one of two classes:

1. Monday – Wednesday 18:00-19:15

2. Monday – Wednesday 19:30-19:45

Place: 1106 Örs vezér square, Cédrus Mall, 1st floor


Please write us to rita@km5.hu to which class of these two you want to join. We let you know if/when you can come. After you took part on the first class from the beginning on, talk to the Instructor at the end of the class whether you will work together in the future. If you have agreed about the cooperation please pay the fee in cash on spot. If you have done so, you can take part  in the class further on. If you have not paid or if you do not want to come again then the cooperation will be terminated.

Equipment you will need:

1200 Ft gum shield, 2700 Ft groin protection (for men), 10000 Ft grappling-sparring gloves (you can only use the one type we accept), 5000 Ft shin guard.