Girl Power

Girl Power!

Self defense training for women



What can you learn during the training?

Self defense is not only about a bunch of techniques. Fight is the last tool in your toolbox. You will learn skills that will help you to avoid dangerous situations and de escalate possible violent conflicts.

To attend this course does not require super stamina or any other super skills. This course was developed for ordinary people by ordinary people. It only requires an open mindset.

What to expect?

  • Learn awareness
  • Learn how to use your voice and body language
  • Easy to learn yet super effective techniques
  • Raised self-esteem and confidence
  • Developed conflict resolution skills
  • A lot of fun
  • Nice and supportive instructor team

You don’t want to be violent?


We don’t want you either!

We are going to teach you the 3 aspects of self defense. 2 of these will focus on how to avoid violent conflicts with an assertive manner.


First: Awareness

Awareness is your first line of defense against perpetrators. If you are aware potential attackers will choose an easier target. Women have a great ability to recognise danger but today society makes you turn off the alarm because you have to be a good girl. Awareness is not a technique but a way of live your life. It gives you confidence and  relaxed but prepared mindset in conflicts.

Second: Set boundaries and how to resist predators mind tricks

The best and most secret lethal techniques don’t worth a dime if a predator can get into your mind and lower your guards. They can do it easy and fast. You will learn how to keep distance both physically and mentally from people start your alarm.

Three: Fight

We call it fight but we should call it Action. There are moments in life when you can freeze. You will learn how to get over this freeze in any situation in your life.

You are stronger than you think! You will learn how to use your body as a weapon and how to attack a bigger opponent. We have seen many women fight their way out of men’s attack during trainings and we have stories from our students how they stop a bigger man with surprise attack. Remember! Attackers do not expect any resistance from you. One good shot can give you the opportunity to escape.

 Our Team

KM5 Team

  • We are not terminators and we don’t have special powers.
  • We don’t like military style.
  • Our team is experienced  and higly motivated to walk you through this experience.

Your instructors at this event will be:

  • Susan (right)
  • Imi (right next to Susan)
  • Erik (middle back)

See You There! :)